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Engage Creatively - Ed Young Television Devotional - 3/31

  • 2021 Mar 31

Ed Young Television Devotional

Engage Creatively

“In the beginning, God created…”  Genesis 1:1

Creativity is one of the biggest and most obvious characteristics of God. From the very beginning of the Bible, literally, we see God’s creativity and innovation in action. Everything we see and experience in creation is a result of God’s creative nature.

Every person on earth is a creative genius. We are all made in the image of our creative Creator. We have been given unique abilities and talents to reflect the nature and character of God to the world around us. And the greatest place to utilize that creativity is in the only institution He ever built – the local church.

Are you utilizing your creative gifts to help build the church? Engage creatively with us, and discover the full potential of the creativity God has given you!

Thank God for the unique gifts He has given to you. Pray for the boldness and courage to step out and use those talents to help build His kingdom through the local church!

Engage creatively in the local church! Sign up to use your talents to help others experience the love and grace of God at your church!

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