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His Will Be Done - Every Man Ministries - August 28

  • 2020 Aug 28

His Will Be Done

We are here to complete a mission—His mission. There is a myth that God’s man must reject and defeat in his own heart, the one that says you are here to complete your mission. This is the Guadalcanal of the spiritual life—His  plan or mine? The world and the devil offer us a means of identities and connected missions that distract God’s man from the original plan. Under these deceptions we are free to use our resources as we choose. We are also free to complain in anger and bitterness about our losses and broken dreams.

The turning point in this battle comes when we risk embracing God’s purpose in what we lack; more specifically, when we allow our character to be shaped through our contentment with less rather than constantly devoting our time, thoughts, and God-given talents to acquiring stuff.

In God’s plan, less does not necessarily mean poverty and more does not necessarily mean wealth—each represents something different to every man depending on his situation. However, contentment does mean that a condition of the heart that preserves God’s best is happening in and through you wherever He has called you to be, and with whatever he has called you to have. That is why contentment means something unique to every man and is something every God’s man is supposed to pray for

O God, I beg two favors from you before I die. First, help me to never lie to myself. Second, give men neither poverty nor riches. Give me just enough to meet my needs. For if I grow rich, I may deny you, and if I’m poor I may steal from you. In other words Lord, It’s your mission.

Thank you Father, that it’s not all about me, it’s all about you.

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