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Sonship - Every Man Ministries - December 13

  • 2019 Dec 13


God so loved the World that he gave his only Son that whoever believes in him has eternal life. - John 3:16

Christ likeness is all about sonship with the Father. God’s dream for you is to experience, as Jesus modeled, true fellowship and reciprocity with Him. Take a second and absorb that. Let it sink into your soul: your heavenly Father is seeking you out, His beloved son, do you think a perfect father would treat you less than.

God wants that special connection with you right now. He wants to lock eyes. He wants a one in a billion connection with His son. He wants you to feel that profound sense of honor. He feels that makes Him want to transmit His nobility into your life right now. He’s dreaming of all you can become.

All fathers have dreams for what their sons could become. But in this case, there’s an important difference.  This Father can’t disappoint. There are no haunting thoughts of demand of character that can sabotage His deepest wishes and visions for your life. Nothing can ever prevent Him from being the prime example of what He wants you to become. His dream is to be the creative force in your life, for you to be an agent of His expression, and to give you the active power to pull this off through the Holy Spirit.

Think of the prodigal son story and His bottomless love grows even clearer. The son let’s his father know his rejection of him by leaving and throwing his father’s gift in the dirt, and then to see the Father running to meet his returning son. His love for us is overwhelming. Wow! Is that motivating or what? God loves you more than you could ever love Him.

Father, thank you for wanting me to be your son

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