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Experiencing LIFE Today - Dec. 20, 2012

  • 2012 Dec 20

Why God gives you the fruit of the Spirit

Maybe Christmas,” the Grinch thought, “doesn't come from a store.”– Dr. Seuss

If you study all the gifts that God gives you through the Holy Spirit, you might quickly get to the point where you raise up your hands and say, “Enough already! No more! Too much!”

But there's more on the way. In fact, not only does God have more gifts to offer, but in some cases, the gifts come in bunches. One of the things God gives you is the fruit of the Spirit. It's described for us in Galatians, chapter 5. But it's not really one gift; it's a whole bunch of gifts.

  • It's love, the ability to love people that we don't even like. 
  • It'sjoy, a defiant gladness that thumbs its nose at our circumstances. 
  • There is peace, the ability to deal with very difficult circumstances in the power of the Spirit. 
  • There's patience, you're just about ready to throw up your hands and quit parenting and the Holy Spirit gives you the ability to go one more day. 
  • It’s kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, all gifts that you can receive from Him each day you choose to let Him live through you.
  • And self-control, you can actually say “NO” to things now that you couldn't say “NO” to before.

And then there is power, guidance, assurance, unity – all these things are gifts on the Holy Spirit’s list for you. Seriously, if I were to build a pyramid of all the blessings that Scripture talks about – all the gifts the Holy Spirit is giving us and wants to pour into our lives – the roof would have to come off!

Dear God, I ask that You would not only give me a spirit of giving this holiday season, but that You would give me a spirit of reception. Give me the willingness to receive the amazing gifts that You provide. Give me the humility to worship You for the abundant spiritual blessings that You pour into my life. Amen.

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