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Experiencing LIFE Today - July 20, 2016

  • 2016 Jul 20

The power of the gospel changes him… and makes him into a new creation. … for the work of Christ sweeps away both his good and his evil and turns him into another man. …it also includes an actual change in the life of the individual. … a transformation as deep as the roots of his human life. If it does not go that deep, it does not go deep enough. —A.W. Tozer

Words are powerful. Words that label us are some of the most powerful of all… and all of us have them. The problem is that many of the sinful labels seem to brand us and actually seem to determine what we do:

  • I'm an alcoholic
  • I'm an addict
  • I'm an adulterer
  • I'm a liar
  • I'm a (fill in the blank)

Simply stated, you will act as you believe yourself to be. Well, if you're in Christ, those labels are not who you are. Your genetic predispositions were nailed to the cross, too, dead and buried. Do you have some issues that you need to work through? Absolutely. We all do. Do you need to get help?


But never, never forget that if you're in Christ, you are in union with the most truth-telling person in history. Don't label yourself with anything except the label you have in Christ: an empowered, embraced, adored child of God indwelt with the Holy Spirit.

Lord, I refuse and reject any label that has been placed on me that is contrary to what Your Word says is true about who I am in Christ! Bring specific truths about who I am in You to my mind today. I embrace Your Truth and reject the lies! Amen.

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