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Deliverance Is Coming - Forward with Back to the Bible - May 11

  • 2021 May 11

Deliverance Is Coming

Read Philippians 1:18b-19 (ESV)

Yes, and I will rejoice, for I know that through your prayers and the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ this will turn out for my deliverance.


Why can Christians have hope and rejoice despite their circumstances?

Have you ever watched a believer suffer in a way that amazed you? Despite their circumstances, they seemed full of joy and peace. What was their secret? How were they able to rejoice even in the midst of great suffering? In today’s passage, Paul says that he will still rejoice, and he shares the “secret” to his continual joy. 

First, Paul mentions the prayers of the Philippians. He was counting on the prayers of his friends. When you know that your brothers and sisters in Christ are lifting you up in prayer, there is a peace that just flows through you. After all, people are petitioning the God of the universe on your behalf. Paul knew that there was power in the prayers of his friends and this gave him confidence. 

Second, Paul says that he knows that the Holy Spirit will help him. The NASB translates the word “help” as “provision.” Paul had complete confidence that the Holy Spirit was going to provide for him. He would supply Paul with everything he needs to persevere and endure the trial. Paul knew that he wasn’t on his own here. He didn’t have to survive this in his own power. The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ was on his side!

Finally, Paul knew that no matter what occurred, he was going to be delivered from his current suffering. Does that mean Paul knew he was going to be released from prison? Did he think that God was going to spare him from being executed? Not necessarily. As we’ll see over the next few days, Paul did not know if he was going to make it through this alive. And yet he was confident that he would be delivered or saved.

Friends, in Christ, we are promised deliverance. Not necessarily from the trial but through the trial. If we are in Christ, we can have absolute assurance that ultimately, we will be saved. Even if we die, we will live forever with Him. No matter what you are going through, no matter how you are suffering, you can rejoice. Your ultimate hope does not depend on God getting you out of whatever pickle you find yourself in. Your ultimate hope is that God will bring you through this life and deliver you to life everlasting. And while you’re here you are not alone. You are being prayed for and the Holy Spirit is your Helper. This will turn out for your deliverance! Yes, you can rejoice!


Lord, no matter what, I know that I can rejoice. You are with me, You are sustaining and providing for me, and You will deliver me and bring me Home one day. Thank You for this blessed assurance. Amen.

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