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The Great Chasm - Forward with Ron Moore - November 30, 2016

  • 2016 Nov 30

Forward with Ron Moore


November 30, 2016

The Great Chasm

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

Climb aboard the bus! We're taking a road trip. Two to a seat. Sit back and relax. Where are we headed? Glad you asked. We're heading out west to the Grand Canyon. You'll love the road trip, but the canyon ... magnificent! Any particular reason for the trip? Yes--in fact, once we get there and have a chance to stretch our legs, we are going to have a contest. We are going to see who can jump across the canyon. If no one makes it all the way across, the person who jumps the farthest wins. Hurry up, the sooner you get settled, the sooner we can get started.

Jumping across the Grand Canyon? Ridiculous! Even if we took along Mike Powell and Galina Chistyakova, their world-record long jumps would not clear the canyon at its narrowest width. Powell's leap of 29 feet, 4.25 inches and Chistyakova's leap of 24 feet, 8 inches would fall far short of the four-mile span. At the end of the day, as the rescue workers picked up our bodies at the bottom of the canyon, who would care which one of us "won" the contest?

The thought of jumping across the Grand Canyon is just as absurd as people thinking that somehow, by their own efforts, they can jump the chasm that separates sinful man from the holy God. Our best effort ... even a world-record moral effort ... falls short. We can't get to God on our own. We need someone to bridge the gap. His name is Jesus. Have you trusted in His work on the cross where He did for you what you cannot do for yourself? Without Him, you will end up at the bottom of the canyon.

Father, thank You for Jesus and His work on the cross. Thank You for providing the way to an eternal relationship with You. Thank You that we as sinners can have a relationship with You, the holy God, through the work of Your Son. I pray in His name. Amen.

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