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The Journey - April 16, 2012

  • 2012 Apr 16

The Journey with Ron Moore

Ziklag: Escape to the Enemy | 1 Samuel 27:4 | Devotional

1 Samuel 27:4 When Saul was told that David had fled to Gath, he no longer searched for him.

David was worn out by obedience, which led him to engage in some serious self-counsel. He convinced himself that God’s promises were no longer valid and that Saul was going to destroy him. He took matters into his own hands, and determined that the best thing for him to do was to escape to the land of the Philistines. And when he did, Saul “no longer searched for him.” His plan worked…or so he thought.

Sometimes disobedience works; that is, we get what we want…but only for a season. That short time deceives us into thinking that sin may be the way to go after all. But, unfortunately we find out, and often too late, that sin always has consequences. Sooner or later we will wake up to deal with the significant issues of our sin.

Maybe you are there now…living in the land of disobedience. Take the warning and take the next plane out of town!

Lord, don’t let us lull ourselves into thinking that we are getting by with sin. By your grace bring us to our senses, and lead us back to the land of obedience and blessing. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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