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The Journey - April 30, 2012

  • 2012 Apr 30

The Journey with Ron Moore

Ziklag: Digging a Deeper Hole | 1 Samuel 27:11 | Devotional

1 Samuel 27:11 He did not leave a man or woman alive to be brought to Gath, for he thought, "They might inform on us and say, 'This is what David did.'" And such was his practice as long as he lived in Philistine territory.

Living in the land of the enemy is costly. The “Sin-Tax” to cross the border is steep, and living expenses are very high. It doesn’t take long before your assets are gone and you’ve racked up quite a debt. That’s the trouble with life in Ziklag. You just keep digging a deeper hole.

In order to cover up his sin, David did the unthinkable. He was raiding Israel’s enemies while reporting the raids were against Philistine’s enemies. In order to keep the real story under wraps, David buried all the witnesses. That’s certainly one way to take care of the problem.

Sin is a hungry monster that bellows this constant demand: “Feed me!” And in order to keep your house in Ziklag, you have to feed the monster. But be warned! If you continue to feed the monster of sin…you may turn into a monster yourself…and like David, do the unthinkable.

Father, sin has a way of blinding us to the truth and numbing us to right emotions and feelings. Lord, we are no match for Satan and his schemes. Protect us from him and protect us from ourselves. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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