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The Journey - May 2, 2014

  • 2014 May 02

The Journey with Ron Moore

God Takes Care of His Own | Obadiah 1:5-14

Obadiah 1:5-14 If thieves came to you, if robbers in the night-- Oh, what a disaster awaits you-- would they not steal only as much as they wanted? If grape pickers came to you, would they not leave a few grapes? But how Esau will be ransacked, his hidden treasures pillaged! All your allies will force you to the border; your friends will deceive and overpower you; those who eat your bread will set a trap for you, but you will not detect it. "In that day," declares the LORD, "will I not destroy the wise men of Edom, men of understanding in the mountains of Esau? Your warriors, O Teman, will be terrified, and everyone in Esau's mountains will be cut down in the slaughter. Because of the violence against your brother Jacob, you will be covered with shame; you will be destroyed forever. On the day you stood aloof while strangers carried off his wealth and foreigners entered his gates and cast lots for Jerusalem, you were like one of them. You should not look down on your brother in the day of his misfortune, nor rejoice over the people of Judah in the day of their destruction, nor boast so much in the day of their trouble. You should not march through the gates of my people in the day of their disaster, nor look down on them in their calamity in the day of their disaster, nor seize their wealth in the day of their disaster. You should not wait at the crossroads to cut down their fugitives, nor hand over their survivors in the day of their trouble.

Not a pretty picture. But one thing for sure—God takes care of His own. Esau’s cruelty toward God’s people was not going to be overlooked, ignored, or forgiven. The Edomites felt secure. They were located in a strong position on Mount Seir, just south of the Dead Sea. Their capital city was protected by a narrow canyon. But God is not held back by man’s defenses. Even an invader leaves a little behind, but God promises that His judgment on Edom will be complete.

Sometimes you may feel that God is not looking out for you. I am sure some of the Israelites who experienced Edom’s brutality felt that way. But don’t forget, He never takes His eyes off of you. Whether in the present or in the future, He won’t let the wicked go unpunished. Take heart! As the psalmist says, God is your shield and protector.

Father, Your dealings with Edom are a reminder that you do take care of your children. Thank you for the reminder that I am never removed from your sight. Deepen my trust in you. In Christ’s Name, Amen

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