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The Journey - November 9

  • 2016 Nov 09

The Journey with Ron Moore


Where is Your Trust? | Psalm 119:41-48

Today's Passage: Psalm 119:41-48
Key Verses: Psalm 119:41-42

May your unfailing love come to me, LORD, your salvation, according to your promise; then I can answer anyone who taunts me, for I trust in your word.

What do you trust in? At the end of the day, what gives you confidence? What brings a sense of peace to your soul and allows you to sleep well at night?

Some answer those questions with "financial security." They are certain that their investments will carry them through the rest of their lives. Others trust in their health. They exercise and eat well. Others put trust in people. A spouse or friend gives them needed stability. Still others place trust in national power. In a crazy world their confidence is in military might.

All the things mentioned above are good things. We should be wise with our money and connected with others. We should take care of our body. Who isnít for a strong military? However, each of these anchors of trust is vulnerable. God is the only One we can assuredly trust. Godís unfailing love and the promises of his Word are the only certainties. Let us declare with the psalmist: "I trust in your word."

Father, thank you for your love that never disappoints. Thank you for your Word that never fails. Thank you for our provisions, families, friends and nation. Help us place our trust in you, not in people or things. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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