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Who Can We Trust? - Forward with Back to the Bible - June 11, 2019

  • 2019 Jun 11

Who Can We Trust?

Read Isaiah 36:6-10

Behold, you are trusting in Egypt, that broken reed of a staff, which will pierce the hand of any man who leans on it. Such is Pharaoh king of Egypt to all who trust in him.But if you say to me, "We trust in the Lordour God," is it not he whose high places and altars Hezekiah has removed, saying to Judah and to Jerusalem, "You shall worship before this altar"? Come now, make a wager with my master the king of Assyria: I will give you two thousand horses, if you are able on your part to set riders on them. How then can you repulse a single captain among the least of my master's servants, when you trust in Egypt for chariots and for horsemen? Moreover, is it without the Lordthat I have come up against this land to destroy it? The Lordsaid to me, "Go up against this land and destroy it."


Are you trusting in anything or anyone other than God?

Do you take matters into your own hands or do you seek God first

When we need help discerning the truth, where should we look for answers?

The commander of the Assyrian army stands just outside Jerusalem and addresses anyone who will listen. "I have a message for Hezekiah from the great king of Assyria," he shouts. "Ask Hezekiah why he feels so sure of himself. Does he think he can plan and win a war with nothing but words?" (verses 4-5, CEV).

His allies had asked him to speak in their native language. Instead, he chooses words that can be understood by all. His warning is for the entire nation of Judah: "Hezekiah claims the Lordwill save you. But don't be fooled by him" (verse 18). The military leader is trying to stir up confusion among the people. Earlier, he said that depending on Egypt and its king was like leaning on a "broken reed of a staff," which will go right through a person's hand (verse 6).

It's not uncommon for leaders to claim they represent God. Hezekiah had promised his people victory in the name of the Lord, yet at this very moment the enemy is just outside the city gates, unleashing a verbal assault. The Assyrians are effectively poking holes in Hezekiah's claims. So, what now? Who call the people trust?

It's difficult sometimes to know how to discern the truth. That's when we should go to the source. If we honestly come before the Lord and seek direction, He will open our eyes to the truth. When we properly place our trust in God, we will not be fooled by those seeking personal gain.


Lord God, you have always wanted the best for us. You have consistently shown us the way and offered us redemption. Please help me to place my trust in you, and you alone. Open my eyes so I can see the difference between your truth and the words of men. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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