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Grace Moments Devotions - January 27, 2019

  • 2019 Jan 27

January 27
I know your deeds
Pastor Mark Jeske

“Do you love me?” Tevye the milkman asks his wife, Golde, inFiddler on the Roof.“I’m your wife,” she says. “I know. . . . But do you love me?” Golde can’t give him an answer, “Do I love him?”

Does it surprise you to know that God is intensely interested to know if his love for you and me is requited or unrequited? What difference has the gospel made in your life? Did you know that through your baptism he adopted you into his family? Have you heard his call to your personal ministry and service? Are you proud to be his child? eager to be his royal priest? dedicated to organizing your life around obedience to his commands and adopting his philosophy of life?

Or not? In God’s eyes, lukewarm might as well be rejection. He told an indifferent congregation in Laodicea, “I know your deeds, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish you were one or the other!” (Revelation 3:15). Believers drifting along and not caring much is Satan’s doing. Wake up! Indifference is one small step away from unbelief, from sliding back into idolatry, selfishness, and eternal condemnation.

Reclaim your first love. Clear your head, take stock of your true treasures, and make the changes you need to make sure that God knows he is your #1. Put Jesus back on the throne in your heart, tune up your ears to listen for his voice, and rededicate yourself today.

I mean it! Right now!

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