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Grace Moments Devotions - July 24, 2017

  • 2017 Jul 24

July 24

He gets the last word

One of the girls in my sixth-grade class loved to see naughty boys get caught by the teacher. “Cheaters never prosper,” she would cackle.

Ah, if only she were right. Alas, my sad life experience is that cheaters seem to do very well. Everything’s a hustle. Everything’s for sale. Them that’s got shall get.

Do you ever feel as though you are wasting your time trying to get ahead through honesty and hard work? Do you ever fantasize about taking shortcuts to prosperity like everyone else? King David knew that feeling. In Psalm 12:1,2 he wrote, “Help, Lord, for the godly are no more; the faithful have vanished. . . . Everyone lies to his neighbor.”

But the planet is not out of God’s control, and your life isn’t either. He sees everything going on around you, cares about you, and acts at just the right time. That same psalm says, “‘Because of the oppression of the weak and the groaning of the needy, I will now arise,’ says the Lord. ‘I will protect them’” (verse 5).

God always gets the last word, and his last word is “I love you.”

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