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Grace Moments Devotions - March 28, 2018

  • 2018 Mar 28

Your status update
Linda Buxa

Social media is reprogramming our brains. Typical users are logging in 15 times a day, hoping for the rush of adrenaline that comes from a notification. College students—and some older honest people too—confess that they spend a lot of their brainpower thinking about what they will tweet, post, or update.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were as connected with our God as we think we are with our online friends? If we, like King David, could honestly say, Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long” (Psalm 119:97)?

When you meditate on his words all day—or check in with him 15 times a day—you get a rush of peace. You realize that his words are about how he planned and worked to update your status—all because of Jesus. You were dead; now you’re alive. You were God’s enemy; now you’re his friend. You were a slave to sin; now you’re a slave to righteousness.

Check in with God’s words over and over so “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7).

Take that comfort and peace and share it with the one-third of people who say they feel lonelier because of the connections they’ve made on social media. Take the time to share that because Jesus took on human flesh, he connected himself to us forever. Because he gave us the Holy Spirit when he went back to heaven, we are never alone.

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