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Grace Moments Devotions - May 12, 2019

  • 2019 May 12

May 12
Behold your mother
Jason Nelson

Of all the writing assignments I have ever done, this one intimidates me the most. What’s left to say about mothers? Love for mothers is deep, and expressions of appreciation for her are exhaustive. Champions and thugs have this in common: they love their mothers. I can’t say enough about my own mother’s sacrifices and the faith she passed on to me because it lived in her first. I know anything I write will not do justice to your mother either. So let me borrow a few of Jesus’ last words: “Behold, your mother!” (John 19:27 ESV).

This is the end to an untold story. The perfect Son honored his special mother with his last breaths. What does that say to us? In the spirit of Christ, behold your mother. Take a good long look at her. She is easy to overlook because she is probably the lowest-maintenance person in the house. Her dependability is epic, so we take her for granted. Her scolding is quotable, and she bites her lip often to spare our feelings. Behold your mother. She never stops working or thinking about what needs to be done. Every time she is summoned, she answers the call. She looks very tired sometimes because she is. Behold your mother. Reward her love for you by taking good care of her. Never let your mother down.

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