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Grace Moments Devotions - May 21, 2017

  • 2017 May 21

May 21

Everybody but me has it together

Okay, Lord, time for some honesty. When I look at the people around me, the people I’m related to, work with, and live near, they all seem to be doing better than I am. I want to be happy for them, but to tell the truth, inside I envy and resent how successful they seem.

Why did you ordain such a hard road for me? Did I do it to myself? Or am I the victim of the neglect of others? Why do the people around me seem well organized, have perfect clothes, kids, and happy homes? How did they find those perfect jobs? When is it my turn for some prosperity and smooth sailing?

I probably sound materialistic and ungrateful when I talk like this, but I’m being honest. Can you help me see more clearly how richly I have been blessed? Can you help me see how I fit into your plans? Can you help me get a better perspective of how you can use me and my life in your kingdom? Am I missing something? Am I blind to the good things you’ve enabled me to do?

Help me want the right things and be happy for other people. “Turn my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish gain. Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word” (Psalm 119:36,37).

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