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A breath of fresh air for your soul.

  • 2020 Aug 11

Your sins have been forgiven.

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I write to you, dear children, because your sins have been forgiven on account of His name (1 John 2:12). 

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These two words characterize those who know Jesus Christ. Or at least they should.

Far too many believers live stymied lives. They want to grow and change, but their past sins keep getting in the way. They walk on egg shells waiting for God’s punishment to fall. They just can’t comprehend that God has taken their sins away “as far as the east is from the west”.  

This kind of fear stunts a believer’s growth in Christ. Instead of resting by faith, they strive and struggle in fear.

My friend Stephanie was like that until she fully embraced the message of the cross. The simple truth of God’s forgiveness cleared away the roadblocks that kept her from growing in Christ.

Here is how she described the change.

“Ever since understanding in my heart that I am a 100% forgiven person, a breath of fresh air has gone through my soul!”

It’s tough for Christians to fully accept that they are 100% forgiven. But it’s true. It’s proclaimed throughout the New Covenant, almost in neon lights, flashing “forgiven” in every direction. In fact, it is the fourth promise in the New Covenant: “For I will forgive their wickedness and will remem-ber their sins no more” (Hebrews 8:12).

Not only are you forgiven, God remembers your sins no more. Isn’t it time you stopped remember-ing them too and rejoice in the truth that you have been cleansed and forgiven?

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If you feel like you’ve stopped growing in Christ, let these words clear away your roadblocks: “I write to you, dear children, because your sins have been forgiven on account of His name” (1 John 2:12).

In Him,


Bob Christopher

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