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God so loved the world.

  • 2020 Aug 20

God so loves you!

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For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).

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God so loved the world. I had no problem comprehending that. But, I wasn’t so sure that He actual-ly loved me.

That thought didn’t fit with my law mindset. Love was to be earned. It was the reward for being good and doing good. I tried to be good and do good, but I failed miserably.

That’s why I always lived on the edge of doubt. I wasn’t living up to my end of the bargain. So how could God possibly love me?

Have you ever felt this way?

Well, here is the good news. God doesn’t have a law mindset toward you. He reaches out to you in love and grace, no strings attached.

You can’t earn his love, nor can you do anything to lose it. You don’t have to jump through any religious hoops or be some sort of mega-Christian. You just have to accept his gift of love and grace.

This is a hard lesson to learn, especially in this age of “performance-based Christianity”. Christians are often made to feel that they don’t measure up; there is work to do to earn–and keep–a relation-ship with God. That only produces a “do more” mentality and puts a concrete wall between you and the love of God.

If you are doubting God’s love, maybe it’s time to change your way of thinking from law to grace.

Then you can say with utter assurance, God so loves me…

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Make John 3:16 personal. Replace ‘the world’ with your name. Let the love of God wash over you and bring you to the conviction that the “whoever…shall never perish but have eternal life” is you.

In Him,


Bob Christopher

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