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Fundraising - In His Grip - Week of Nov. 16, 2015

  • 2015 Nov 16

Imagine for a moment you are listening to a media preacher (such as on OnePlace.com) and that preacher ends his broadcast this way: “To all of my listeners I say this – stop sending in your money. You cannot afford it and I have more than I need thanks to your extreme generosity. So, please STOP GIVING!”

I have never said that nor have I ever heard someone else say those words. In fact, what we usually hear goes something like this:

“There are many ways you can help us carry out our God-ordained mission. First, you can pray for us.”

What we really hope is that while you are praying have your checkbook in front of you.

“Second, you can send us a note and let us know what this broadcast means to you.”

What we really hope is that along with that note please send us a check.

“Third, if you send us a gift of any amount, we will send you a gift to say how grateful we are for you.”

What we really hope is that your gift at least covers the cost of the gift we send you.

“Fourth, you can check out our brand new web page and let us know what you think.”

 What we really hope is that when you visit the web page you will click the “Donate Now” link and send us some money.

Every time we make an appeal for funding, I wonder if listeners  understand how much time, effort, blood sweat and tears it takes to get the Gospel out, not to mention how expensive it is. Many believers reason that all media preachers have some sort of massive giving base made up of rich people who donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep us on the air. Others think that radio stations pay us for the privilege of airing our messages!

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The messages are free to the listener, but they are not free. Have you ever made a donation to any ministry that you listen to every day or even sporadically?

To produce one broadcast involves staff, technicians, expensive equipment, editing costs and airtime that can amount to tens of thousands of dollars every year. Just to have airtime on OnePlace.com and bring you 24/7 teaching from the Word of God costs us over $42,000 per year. That is just air time. That amount does not include production of the broadcast.

Do you learn and grow from In His Grip broadcasts? Listen to Paul’s exhortation:

Let the one who is taught the word share all good things with the one who teaches. (Galatians 6:6 ESV)

There is but one way to interpret this verse. We are to support those who have given their lives to the proclamation of the Gospel as fulltime minsters. I opened this devotional with an imaginary preacher who actually tells his people to stop giving. That is not an imaginary preacher. That preacher not only told his people to stop giving because they could not afford the kind of generosity they demonstrated. He didn’t stop there.  He called out another congregation who could afford to do much more than they were doing when it came to supporting the mission work of the church. Who is this guy? I will introduce you to them in the next devotional. In the meantime, I invite you to view a personal message http://markinc.org/giving/oneplace-fundraising/ from Sharon and me. We hope our own personal journey will encourage you to consider carefully how you can encourage others.

In His grip,

Special Offer:  Macedonian Generosity – A Personal Message from Chuck and Sharon Betters. We need your help to stay on OnePlace.com in 2016. We invite you to join us for a personal message that will encourage you in your own walk of faith and invite you to partner with us in offering the help and hope that only Jesus gives.  


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