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Trust and Obey - In His Grip - Week of January 4

  • 2021 Jan 04

Trust and Obey and…Trust
by Sharon W. Betters

The Twelve Days of Christmas start on December 25 and end on Twelfth Night - January 5.  In some traditions gifts are not distributed until the evening of January 5.  It seems appropriate that the last post in the Twelve Days of Christmas Grief Relief comes on the evening of January 5.

Trust and Obey and...Trust
I think the hymn writer got it wrong. The title Trust and Obey really should read, Trust and Obey AND TRUST.
Because sometimes God calls us to impossible tasks and our obedience seems ludicrous. When our sixteen-year-old son was killed in a car accident, I knew God's expectations of me were impossible. I could not survive. I would not survive. I wasn't finished being Mark's mother. This was outrageous. I concluded that if I started screaming and refused to stop, someone would realize a terrible mistake had been made and give me back my son. I think that's called denial.

In the most impossible situation, God called me to trust AND OBEY. What did obedience look like for me? What did God require of me? Chuck told me that I must embrace sorrow as a friend. I could not. God called me to worship Him. I didn't know how. He demanded surrender. I would not. I wanted, I needed my child.
I heard that His promises are precious. I concluded they did not apply to me. Trust Him? My pathway was impossible. 

Yet, I had other children and though they were young adults, I knew they needed me to find a way out of the darkness. I did not want their brother's death to destroy their trust in God, even though I wasn't sure I could trust Him again. In desperation I turned to the only place that I could trust to be unchanging. [More here!]

In His Grip,
Sharon W. Betters
Executive Director
MARKINC Ministries

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