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In Touch 01-13-05

  • 2005 Jan 13

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley


January 13, 2005
Resisting Compromise
2 Timothy 3:14-17

Yesterday, we saw King Solomon's life as a picture of the nature of compromise. Concession begins in a seemingly insignificant way. For instance, someone might want you to make a financial decision that you know in your heart is unwise. But you make the decision anyway because do not want to hurt the other person's feelings. You have compromised the message of the Holy Spirit, who warned you.

Every small compromise leads to a more serious one. With each successive concession, our conscience is further weakened. Ultimately, whenever we concede with evil - whether we give up a doctrinal belief or listen to inappropriate music - we always lose.

We compromise for a number of reasons. Many people do so from a fear of rejection or of being unappreciated. Others choose this route to avoid conflict. Still others may begin to doubt God's trustworthiness or goodness; as a result, they give up on Him, compromising their basic beliefs and undermining their reason for assurance.

To be men and women who are strong enough to resist making concessions, we need to develop some essential personal qualities. First, as non-compromisers, we must have strong convictions about the Word of God and depend on it as a guide for daily living. Second, we will have faith in God's promise to supply all our needs. Third, we must find the courage to trust in Hi, even when we are misunderstood, persecuted, or falsely accused. When we surrender our life to God, He replaces enslavement to compromise with security in Him.


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