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In Touch 02-12-05

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Saturday February 12, 2005
Doing God's Work God's Way
Zechariah 4:5-6

Our Enemy tries to trick us into thinking life can be divided into two parts: the secular, which is separate from God, and the spiritual. That is a lie. Once we become God's children, we are spiritual beings, and every area of our life is to be an expression of that divine relationship. Whether employment, ministry, family role, or leisure activity, our every involvement connects into God's purpose for our life and must please Him.

Our culture wants us to believe another lie - that we can accomplish much without God. People will point out our human strengths, like personality, abilities, gifts, and education, and assure us that we have all we require to succeed. The implication is that we do not need God. Our Enemy also desires to turn us away from reliance upon the Lord. Satan wants us to think that prior success means we can handle the assignment on our own. God's Word tells us otherwise. To do God's work God's way requires that we rely on the Holy Spirit instead of on ourselves or others.

When we are truly depending on the Spirit's strength and wisdom, we will. . .

- be fully persuaded that without God's active presence, we will fail.
- seek to please God alone and not compromise.
- look expectantly for the Holy Spirit to be at work.
- spend more time thanking and praising Him and less time making requests.
- exhibit joy, a fruit of the Spirit, instead of worry.

Our Christian lives are to be characterized by steady reliance on the Holy Spirit. Is that true of you?


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