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In Touch 05-05-04

  • 2004 May 05

Wednesday, May 5

InTouch Early Light Devotional


A Pattern of Powerful Prayer

Colossians 1:9-14


If someone should ask you, “How can I pray for you?” would you be able to give a clear answer? Often we simply do not know what to say. It’s the same with our friends—when we ask them that question, we frequently get a vague answer. Learning to pray for one another does not come naturally; we have to be taught. That is why the Bible contains many patterns for effective prayer.


One such pattern is found in Paul’s epistle to the saints at Colossae. He asks that they may be “filled with the knowledge of His will” (1:9). This means that we can come to know what God is up to in our lives. When we understand His will, that knowledge will be most satisfying and precious.


Paul’s prayer also includes a second request on behalf of the Colossians. He asks that they will have more than just an understanding of what is right; he prays that they may walk in a manner worthy of Christ and that they should be strengthened with all power. (verses 10-11) Such a transformed walk can be so attractive that onlookers will recognize God at work in the lives of His children. Believers can display God’s power to forgive sins and can walk before Him in holiness. These are the specific things we should request when praying for others. To effect a double blessing, we can ask the same things for ourselves. And this powerful prayer will always be answered because it is in full accordance with the will of God.


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