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In Touch 07-28-04

  • 2004 Jul 28

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Wednesday July 28, 2004
InTouch Early Light Devotional

Are Your Circumstances Out of Control?
Romans 8:26-30

There are many times in life when we are overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness and despair. We find ourselves beset by unmanageable circumstances that are totally beyond our control. In our weakness and dismay, we become so fretful and fearful that we even lose sight of the promises of God. We cry to Him for help and cling to the hope that He will change our outward circumstances. Even in our groaning and supplications, we hardly know what to request because our vision is so limited.

In times like this, it is a great comfort to remember that we have a Guide, a Governor, a Caretaker who sees what we really need. His timely interventions are usually inward instead of outward. That is, while we want to see circumstances change, He wants us to change. In our weakness, we cry out for relief while the blessed Holy Spirit is sifting our groanings through the will of God. As our advocate, He is committed to interceding with the Father on our behalf. And His petitions are always heard because they perfectly fit God's great purposes for our lives.

That is why the apostle Paul was so certain about all things working together for good to those who love God. He said, "we know," not "we hope." He spoke with assurance, not in terms like "maybe," "if," or "but." Moreover, this certainty takes in "all things," not just some things. What confidence we should all have! Our heavenly Father, the sovereign God of this universe, is exercising supervisory control of every single affair in our life.

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