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In Touch 08-06-04

  • 2004 Aug 06

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Friday August 6, 2004
InTouch Early Light Devotional

Things That Cannot Be Shaken
Hebrews 12:25-29

Television news is often filled with interviews and pictures of people who have suffered some unimaginable tragedy. One day we see tornado survivors, whose homes were torn apart by winds. Another day we may see massive floods sweeping through an unsuspecting neighborhood. Occasionally, we even see homes that are swallowed whole by the earth in terrible earthquakes. The expressions on the faces of those who have suffered loss can be haunting.

These losses always draw our attention toward the fragility of those things we often hold most dear . . . our homes, families, and careers, for example. We seldom like these "wake-up calls" that remind us of the inherent instability of earthly life.

In a world that is shaking apart, believers in Christ Jesus have the privilege of sharing the best news imaginable: there is something that is stable, something that is completely secure. There is a rock on which we are able to stand, and it cannot be shaken. That unshakable foundation, of course, is almighty God.

The Lord gives us other immovable truths as well. We can trust that His Word is His unchanging, always-relevant truth for all time. We can depend on a secure relationship with Him for all eternity through His Son. And we can be sure that a heavenly home awaits all those who place their faith in Christ. We can have stability, even in this unstable world.

Who in your life needs this life-saving news? Who is drowning around you, desperately needing you to throw a lifeline? Don't wait; do it today.


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