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In Touch 08-15-04

  • 2004 Aug 15

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Sunday August 15, 2004
InTouch Early Light Devotional

Success and Money
Luke 12:13-21

There are two attitudes concerning money. One says money is ungodly. Often those who believe this concept are consumed with the thought of money. Though they deny it, they spend a great deal of time thinking about the evils of money. Usually, this kind of thinking is ungodly because it places an undue emphasis on money.

The other attitude sees money as a tool - something God has provided for His purposes, whether it is to bless us or to make us a blessing to someone else.

Paul instructed the churches of Asia Minor to remember the believers in Jerusalem with their offerings.

Here are the principles God wants us to apply to our finances and particularly money:

God owns it all.

We are His stewards.

Money is not evil, but the love of money leads to a godless attitude.

God blesses us when we give to Him and others cheerfully.

If you are faithful in little things, God will trust you with greater things. Money is included in this.

Acquiring more money just so you can say you have it should never be your goal. Ask God to help you gain the right perspective when it comes to money and your finances.

Remember your spiritual growth must always be ahead of your financial growth.


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