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In Touch 11-26-04

  • 2004 Nov 26

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley


Friday November 26, 2004
Developing a Servant Spirit
Matthew 20:26-28

We have all seen a cement sidewalk with a footprint or name pressed into it. Unlike footprints on a beach, which are washed away by the waves, a cement impression lasts indefinitely. So we must ask ourselves, When we leave this world, will our life resemble the imprints on sand or in cement?

It is easy to become like an island and protect our own "shores" - income, goals, and plans. Or, we can emulate King David and leave a lasting impression because of our service. Generations after God commanded the Israelites to conquer their enemies, it was David who finally obeyed, undertaking the tough and dirty task of building an empire. He did so at the expense of his desire to personally erect God's temple.

To serve our generation, we must first refuse to be a slave to it. Fads and unscriptural philosophies are to be avoided, but we cannot run from our culture itself. Instead, we should be alert to needs around us and to ways of meeting them through the Spirit. Sometimes, the greatest service is a commonplace act, like visiting a sick friend or mentoring a fatherless boy. However we serve, we are preparing a better way for the generations behind us.

God equips each of us for service to Him. Amazingly, He works through us to serve others. So, if God asks us to do something, we do not want to foolishly reject His request because we consider it uncomfortable or inconvenient.  Instead, let's look around at our lost generation and see where God would have us use our servant spirit.

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