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In Touch 12-23-04

  • 2004 Dec 23

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley


Thursday December 23, 2004
A Night to Be Remembered
Philippians 2:5-11

If you had never been in church, heard a sermon, or opened a Bible, what would you think if you came to the United States at Christmastime? We like to think people know what this season means, but most do not recognize the importance of what happened in the stable that night. The real meaning has been covered up.

The Son of the living God came to Earth in the form of a human baby. Jesus took on human form in addition to His divine nature. Most people do not understand this. The emphasis is on Jesus the baby because if the world can keep Him in the manger, then they never have to face the reality of who He is.

When He is viewed outside of the manger as a grown man, the reason for His coming must be contemplated: He offers the awesome gift of salvation and redemption. You have three alternatives when you consider Jesus as Savior. The first is that you can ignore Him and choose to think of Him only as a baby. In that case, when you die, you can expect He will judge you for ignoring Him, and you will be eternally separated from Him. The second option is to evaluate and study the offer Jesus makes to forgive your sins, but to say no. You can expect the same outcome as with the first alternative.

Thank God there is one other choice. You can acknowledge your sinfulness and by faith receive Jesus Christ as your Savior. Which will you choose?


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