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In Touch - Apr. 29, 2009

  • 2009 Apr 29

April 29, 2009
Judgment for Believers 

2 Corinthians 5

As believers in Jesus Christ, we are assured of our salvation. We need not fear eternity, because we know that we will dwell with the Lord forever in paradise. What blessed assurance!

But salvation is about more than just getting into heaven. It’s about the process of becoming increasingly Christlike while living on earth. In fact, we’ll someday be asked to account for the way we used our opportunities, abilities, and resources.

In His parable of the talents, Jesus shared the importance of investing wisely all that our Father has bestowed on us. God gives His children different types and amounts of wealth, gifts, blessings, and circumstances. What matters to the Lord is the way we make use of them, not how much we have. Do we live selfishly, utilizing all He has given us for our own good and protection? Or do we generously and cheerfully take what we have and use it to serve Christ? These are the questions that Christians will answer at the believers’ judgment.

Of course, this accountability will not be the basis for our spending eternity in heaven (that issue is settled when we trust Christ). Rather, we will be rewarded for the way we invested our lives. And if we did not spend our time and resources wisely, we will experience loss.

Consider your blessings. How do you utilize all that the heavenly Father has bestowed upon you—namely, time, abilities, and finances? Each one of us must choose how we are going to live. It is our responsibility to be faithful servants of the living God, doing whatever He calls us to do. 

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