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In Touch - Apr. 9, 2008

  • 2008 Apr 09

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

April 9, 2008 - Sent to Serve - John 17:18

Welcome to the In Touch Devotional.

Too often, people fall into a belief that they have no real purpose in life. They get up, go to work, come home, and zone out in front of the TV. Then it’s time to go to sleep and start all over. Where in this routine are they making time to fulfill their true purpose? This isn’t the model that Jesus set for us.

When we look at the life of Christ, we can clearly see His coming was no accident. His time was not wasted. He lived His life “on target.”

Scripture shows without a doubt Jesus was sent to serve. Many times in the Gospels, Jesus refers to having been “sent” by the Father. That word implies focus and intent. Our Savior didn’t stumble upon the earthly scene. His coming wasn’t an accident or a happy coincidence. The idea is not that Jesus just “appeared”. He was sent and to the world for a purpose.

Matthew chapter 20:28 reveals Jesus came not to conquer, but to serve. His life reveals a clear mission. Everything He does in the Gospels points back to a four-part purpose: to reveal the Father, die for sin, save the lost, and provide abundant life.

No matter where He was, who He was with, or what He was doing, the Lord always kept His eye on His purpose. Just as Jesus was sent by the Father, so we are sent by Christ to carry His message of hope throughout the world. Is this purpose evident in your daily routine? Pray for clarity and focus as you serve the Lord today.


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