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In Touch - Apr. 9, 2009

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April 9, 2009
The Power of the Cross 

Mark 15:26-32

Some people jeered at Jesus as He hung on the cross. The Son of God should be able to save Himself, they taunted. These men and women thought that Christ’s death proved Him weak. But in fact, the opposite was true. The Lord’s power was so great that Jesus died with the world’s sin on His shoulders, and He arose three days later. Furthermore, anyone who believes in Him doesn’t have to pay his or her own death penalty. God’s awesome power sets captives free.

I treasure a letter from a former addict who described God’s power in his life. One night, just before drugs stole his consciousness, he heard through an open window a single sentence from a radio preacher: “No matter who you are, God loves you and cares about you.” Weeks later, while searching for a program on his own radio, he came across a familiar voice. Intrigued, He listened to that entire In Touch broadcast. What happened, in short, is that he got the message, received Christ, cleaned up his life, and reconciled with his family.

The cross’s power is life-changing. God used a phrase heard in a drug-induced haze to prepare a man’s heart. Then, once the Lord had his attention, He yanked that fellow out of a deep pit of despair!

Human strength is insufficient to rid ourselves of sin. The truth is that we are all in need of a Savior. Jesus Christ humbled Himself to die in our place, which was not a show of weakness. On the contrary, He made the most powerful sacrifice He could—and He did it for you and me (John 15:13).

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