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In Touch - April 25, 2006

  • 2006 Apr 25

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Tuesday April 25, 2006

Weathering the Storms of Life

Matthew 9:18-33


The disciples experienced many “mountaintop moments” in their time with

Jesus: the synagogue ruler’s daughter was brought back to life; two men had their sight restored through the Savior’s touch; the mute could now speak; and the demon-possessed was set free. But when the storm came that day on the sea, fear took over. Their minds could not recollect the lessons they had learned about the power and purposes of the One they followed. Even the appearance of Jesus walkingon the water did not bring immediate relief (Matthew 14:26).


When trouble strikes, we sometimes forget our knowledge of God too. We struggle to recall past answers to prayer, specific guidance provided by the Holy Spirit, and lessons learned in previous crises. Only the present seems real. Our minds reel with future implications, and our troubled emotions inhibit clear thinking.


Reading Scripture is a key to remembering biblical truths. Another important resource is a spiritual journal. As a written record of your pilgrimage with the Lord, it will contain the specifics of how God has worked in your personal life. It serves as a map to trace where you have been and how He has helped you along the way. While your current trial may be a new one, you can look back to see the Lord’s unchangeable nature over the years.


We Christians have an enemy who wants our focus diverted from our Commander, the Lord Jesus. Let’s thwart his strategy by keeping a journal to help us remember how Jesus personally has provided for us and protected us with His divine power.

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