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In Touch - April 27, 2006

  • 2006 Apr 27

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Thursday April 27, 2006

Through Troubled Waters

Psalm 32:1-8


In a blizzard, the familiar disappears because swirling snow blocks our vision. Difficulties bring about the same effect in our minds. They create strong emotions that cloud our ability to think. God has given us some promises to help us find our way through trials.


First, the Lord has committed Himself to instructing us. When we wait on Him, He will give us insight into our situation — since He sees all things, He knows what steps we are to take. We may be surprised at the instruction, though, for His ways are not like our human ones (Isaiah 55:8-9). For example, when people hurt us badly, God’s Spirit will remind us that vengeance is the Lord’s; our part is to live at peace with them (Romans 12:17-19).


Second, God has promised to teach us how to apply the truth He has given us. As we meditate on Scripture, His Spirit will show us the relevance of God’s Word to our problem. Let’s imagine we are faced with someone making unreasonable financial demands of us. How are we to respond? God may tell us to meet the request or even to give extra in order to bless that person (Matthew 5:40-41).


Third, the Lord provides guidance as He keeps watch over us. When company is present, a parent may quietly guide a child’s behavior through various “looks” in order to encourage, instruct, or warn. In a similar way, the Holy Spirit gives us spiritual promptings to guide our actions and decisions.


What troubled waters are you trying to navigate? These promises are stepping stones to finding your way through those harsh circumstances.


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