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In Touch - Aug. 19, 2006

  • 2006 Aug 19

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Saturday August 19, 2006

Staying Committed to God

Daniel 3:1-18


Daniel was living in a pagan society whose values were opposed to God’s. Because of his devotion to the Lord and intimacy with Him, the young man was able to hear divine direction and maintain his spiritual zeal.


He was also motivated by an expectation that God was at work. Facing an uncertain future, Daniel and his friends wisely performed the tasks assigned to them and trusted the Father for their future (Daniel 1:17-20). The Lord desires followers like them — people who 1) commit themselves to Him without reservation, 2) let the Holy Spirit empower them to take risks, and 3) say yes to serving God in unexpected places.


Daniel and his friends also desired to have a strong witness before others. His friends were given the choice to either worship an image of gold or be thrown into a blazing furnace. Their staunch desire to honor God and give a clear testimony to those watching motivated them to reject idol worship. When pleasing God is our goal, we will find ourselves empowered to follow Him.


If our task is distasteful or too hard, we may falter. God then uses pressure to move us along. Daniel did not waver, but Jonah did. The Lord’s relentless pursuit motivated Jonah to turn back toward Him and agree to witness to Nineveh.


God has called us to be witnesses to those around us as well. He uses the Holy Spirit, people, and circumstances to push us to the place He wants us to go. Ask the

Lord to help you be fully committed to Him and to live out that pledge every day.


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