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In Touch - Aug. 24, 2007

  • 2007 Aug 24

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

August 24, 2007 – God’s Control and Our Prayer John 14:13-14

            Sometimes believers wonder why we should pray if God already knows everything and is in control. What does our prayer accomplish?

            First, communicating with our heavenly Father provides a link between His Spirit and our own. A relationship can’t survive if the two parties don’t speak with each other.

            Second, our connection with God allows Him to bring us in line with His will. If we’re serious about pleasing Him, then we’ll pray with open hearts and minds. We’ll be willing to adjust our plans to His plans. In turn, the Lord helps us desire to pray for those things He wants to bring into our lives.

            Third, prayer gives us the opportunity to participate in God’s kingdom on earth. We learn to trust Him for His will and time frame. Then, He gives us greater tasks in prayer. The Lord will burden our hearts to pray for the salvation of an unsaved friend, people suffering from a natural disaster, or the state of our nation. When we see an answer, whether it’s big or small, we know He blessed us by including us in the process.

            God calls on His children to pray because He wants us involved in His work. It’s a privilege for us to freely go before the Lord of the universe and know He’s interested in what we have to say. He’s pleased when we ask Him to meet our needs or the needs of someone else. And if we’re praying according to His will, He answers every time.


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