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In Touch - Aug. 27, 2009

  • 2009 Aug 27


Aug. 27, 2009
Double-Minded Service

1 Kings 18:16-21

The Old Testament presents idolatry as a serious issue, but who in the modern civilized world gives it much thought? The worship of idols seems archaic, but the truth is, all of us will struggle with this heart issue.

During the days of King Ahab, Israel was pulled in two directions. They'd previously served the Lord, but Ahab had recently instituted Baal worship. When Elijah challenged the people to make up their minds about whom to serve, they were speechless.

You may be thinking, This doesn't apply to my life, but modern idols come in many different forms. When we depend on—or give priority to—anything besides the Lord, it becomes our god.

Does something in your life have a higher value than the Lord? He gives us relationships, possessions, and meaningful work, but we are constantly tempted to cherish the gifts more than the Giver. An accurate measure of priorities is the use of our time. Do you reserve a part of each day for God, or is every minute consumed by the demands of life?

On what or whom do you depend? The Lord gives us His strength and provision, but so often we choose to rely on ourselves, others, or even money. The tendency to worry or control is a sign of self-reliance rather than dependence upon God.

Double-minded service will not work (Matt. 6:24). We must make up our minds and follow through with actions. If we really believe that the God of the Bible is the only true God, we ought to give Him our whole life, follow Him faithfully, and serve Him with all our gifts and abilities.  

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