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In Touch - August 11, 2005

  • 2005 Aug 11

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Thursday August 11, 2005

The Church: What’s It All About?

Ephesians 4:4-16


The church of God is an ecclesiastical communion. The multiplicity of syllables in that term obscure a simple idea. In Greek, ecclesia means “called out of,” and communion is defined as a group of people with common beliefs. The church, then, is comprised of those who are called out of the world’s system to practice a godly lifestyle.


Each person who receives Jesus Christ as Savior is a part of the universal church, which is composed of the saints in heaven and on earth. Christians should also be part of a local body of believers. Some people may think joining a congregation is unnecessary. However, while salvation has nothing to do with church attendance, we demonstrate our obedience by participating in the work Jesus gave us to do.


The church’s responsibility is three-fold. First of all, we worship God through prayer, song, testimony, drama, and many other activities. Exalting the Lord blesses Him and simultaneously feeds our spirit as we think about His nature, recall His blessings, and remember His care for us. A second function of the local church is the teaching of its congregants. Spiritually, believers should always be involved in “continuing education.” We do this by reading Scripture and hearing the pastor explain biblical principles.


The third task of a body of believers is to carry what we learn out into the world. Through evangelism and missions, we reach lost people with the Gospel. Whenever someone receives Christ, that person joins our communion and becomes a part of the life-altering church of God.


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