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In Touch - Feb. 12, 2008

  • 2008 Feb 12

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

February 12, 2008 – The Wisdom to Surrender Isaiah 41:9-11 

            As Christians, we like to compare notes about the Lord’s work in our lives. We share how He has blessed us or intervened in miraculous ways. But most of us don’t think to praise God when His work involves heartache or struggle. In fact, we would rather resist or try to get around the hurt. And yet, surrendering to His hands is far better than living outside His will. No matter what we face, God has promised to be with us in all His power and wisdom, and He is faithful to every single promise He has made. 

            We know we’re trusting in His faithfulness when our prayer is, “God, keep me in this season of life until You have accomplished Your purpose in me.” Acknowledging that His plan is best—and that it should be seen through to completion—is hard. I have been a Christian for more than 60 years, and sometimes I still struggle to yield fully. 

            Surrendering to the Lord’s work in our life will transform us. Circumstances might not change, but our attitude will begin to reflect peace, contentment, and trust in Jesus Christ. Confidence in God shields us from anxiety, because we’re focused on Him and His promises of protection and provision. 

            None of us want to face hardship, but God sometimes requires that we suffer. Through our trials, we learn trust, patience, compassion, and other attributes needed for living a godly life. Our periods of hurt make us more like Jesus Christ than other experiences can. And that is a blessing well worth sharing with believers and anyone else who will listen.



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