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In Touch - Feb. 22, 2007

  • 2007 Feb 22

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

February 22, 2007 – Being a Salty Influence Galatians 5:22-23  

Welcome to the In Touch devotional. In Matthew 5:13, Jesus calls His followers to be the “salt of the earth.” What qualities does salt possess that we can exhibit in our spiritual lives?

First, salt adds flavor. Salt doesn’t bring change to itself; it seasons that which needs improved taste. In the same way, we are to focus on those who don’t know Jesus as Savior. Christlike character opens the way for others to hear our message.

Second, salt is a preservative. Salt keeps meat from going bad. In the case of people, our lives are to demonstrate an alternative to the world’s ways and point others to Jesus. Our influence can help them leave the destructive path they’re on and follow Him.

Third, salt makes an impact. Changes caused by salt may be invisible, but they are still evident. A timely word or act of kindness can speak volumes to someone searching for God. At other times, it's what we avoid doing or saying that catches another’s attention. We can be an effective witness to people around us wherever we are: restaurants, grocery lines, doctors’ offices, etc.

Finally, salt causes thirst. By facing difficulties with calmness, endurance, and hope, we display a godly testimony. When people going through hardship and pain see the way we deal with our troubles, they will thirst to know how we do it. Telling them about our dependence on God and His sufficiency will show them how to satisfy their needs.

Functioning as salt provides the opportunity to have a godly impact on someone else. Do the people around you sense something special in your life and thirst to know what it is?



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