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In Touch - February 9, 2006

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Thursday February 9, 2006

Courage — An Empowering Emotion

Joshua 3:1-17


What would you say if God asked you to: lead many others, as Joshua did? Speak His words to prominent leaders, as Daniel did? Become a traveling missionary like Paul? God wants us to respond with courage when He calls us to tackle something beyond our ability.


Our first step toward bravery is meditation on the Word of God—we are to search for its meaning as if for treasure. With the Spirit’s help, we will understand the Bible and learn how to apply its wisdom to our situation. Next is obedience to the Word. As we contemplate God’s truths, they become imprinted on our minds and influence our actions. Scripture is meant to shape our thinking and cause us to follow biblical principles. The more we think God’s way, the more we will act like Him.


Trusting in God’s promises is the third action needed for building courage. Joshua moved across the Jordan River towards Jericho because he took God at His word. The fourth step in developing fearlessness is to recall past victories. Young David, the shepherd boy, did this effectively. His remembrance of God’s past protection gave him the courage to fight the Philistine giant, Goliath (1 Samuel 17). Practicing these steps will empower us to focus on victory rather than defeat, reject others’ fearfulness, and obey God without alarm over possible consequences.


God wants His followers to bear witness of Him to an unbelieving and often hostile world. Will you speak the truth of Christ’s resurrection, His saving power from sin, and His promised return? The Lord is calling your name. What reply will you give?


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