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In Touch - Jan. 12, 2009

  • 2009 Jan 12

January 12, 2009
The Blame Game

Genesis 3:8-19

The oldest game in history was first played in Eden. When God confronted Adam and Eve about their disobedience, they began pointing fingers. The Lord ignored their feeble attempts to appear innocent in His eyes. He knew the truth and disciplined both for the part each played in the tragedy.

Today let’s look specifically at the first woman’s actions and reactions. Eve blamed the serpent for placing her in the awkward position of choosing between God’s will and her own. But he did not have the power to make her weak and unwise. She knew the consequences of sampling fruit from the Tree of Knowledge but decided to eat it anyway.

The serpent’s words tempted Eve, as they were designed to do. It was in her nature as a human being to feel an attraction to the forbidden. But the grief and pain that entered her life were not Satan’s fault. God held Eve personally accountable for her actions. She suffered because she disobeyed.

We can clearly see that Eve lost big at the blame game. Everyone does. Yet the activity is as popular today as ever. Some play to hide their weaknesses. Others want to cover up failure or avoid consequences. Casting someone else as the bad guy makes people feel better about themselves. But feeling justified for a moment is no match for the long-term satisfaction of following God’s playbook.

The Lord demands that people take responsibility for their actions, thoughts, and words. No one can force you to make sinful choices. Therefore, the time has come to declare the blame game over.



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