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In Touch - Jan. 26, 2009

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January 26, 2009
Created to Praise

Psalms 103

Do you ever wonder why you exist? Day-to-day activities and worries pull in so many directions that most people seldom think about what the goal of life is. But our Creator made us with a purpose: to glorify Him (Isa. 43:7).

In His Word, God is emphatic that we’re to testify to His faithfulness and mighty works. Jesus obviously considered this important as well—when teaching His disciples how to communicate with God, He began His well-known prayer with adoration (Matt. 6:9).

Why, then, do we give so much attention to petitions but so little to praise? Perhaps some believers consider themselves too busy to spend “extra” prayer time praising the Lord. Others may feel awkward expressing their gratitude. Yet no excuses are acceptable. Psalm 103:2 warns us to remember God’s benefits so we will humbly glorify Him. The Psalm also explains how to lift Him up with our words—specifically, we should praise God for His character and for His work in
the past, present, and future (vv. 2-8, 19).

We can also exalt the Lord in other ways. The Old Testament’s three primary words for “praise” refer to music, spoken words, and gestures like raising hands and dancing. But we can also glorify Him through our actions, thoughts, and creativity.

Praise may be something of a foreign concept to you. But it’s the very purpose for which you were created. Notice how the Father is exalted in the Psalms. Then worship Him with praise as you spend time in His presence today. 



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