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In Touch - Jan. 5, 2009

  • 2009 Jan 05

January 5, 2009
Protecting Your Future
Genesis 25:27-34

Would you forfeit a double-share of your family’s inheritance for a bowl of soup? Esau did. In one impulsive bargain, he gave up his right both to lead the family and to take a lion’s share of his father’s wealth. From where many believers sit in safe and well-stocked homes, Esau’s actions seem ridiculous. But falling into this brand of temptation is not unique. Every person is enticed to sacrifice future blessing in favor of feeding current desires.

Esau had his priorities out of order. The Bible says he “despised” his birthright, but that does not mean he hated the benefits of being born first. More likely, Esau didn’t give much thought to his position—it was doing him little good in his current life. He lived dangerously as a hunter. So how could he inherit anything if a wild animal killed him? Therefore, he placed a higher value on his immediate need for a full belly.

Esau’s shortsightedness isn’t all that different from some common modern scenarios. 1) When people trade family time for extra work hours, they lose the comfort of a loving household.  2) When men and women ignore God’s marital standard of faithfulness, the result is a damaged or destroyed partnership. 3) When someone refuses a relationship with the Lord in order to maintain a sense of self-will, he forfeits eternity with God.

What is your “bowl of stew?” At some point, you will face a choice between future gain and present pleasure. Do not act on impulse like Esau. Consider your decisions carefully and seek God’s will.



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