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In Touch - January 26, 2006

  • 2006 Jan 26

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Thursday January 26, 2006

Receiving God’s Will

Colossians 3:15-16


Have you ever had a strong compulsion that you couldn’t ignore? Compelling feelings can come from many directions, but if we sense God is working, we won’t want to squelch the thought, even if the idea seems illogical. Because of an irresistible urge, I’ve been to the grocery store at 1:30 A.M. on a Saturday for chicken soup to fight off a sinus cold. The soup didn’t cure me, but it did relieve my symptoms sufficiently so that I could sleep before getting the proper medical care. A weekend sinus problem usually means I can’t preach on Sunday, but God wanted me in the pulpit, and chicken soup helped get me there. In addition to compulsions, the Lord uses other ways to reveal His will.


We learn of God’s will through counsel. Both Testaments tell believers to seek and share counsel (Proverbs 11:14; Titus 2). Advice may be cheap, but direction from a believer living firmly in the Lord’s will is priceless. While no one can tell what God’s plan is for another person, we can ask a wise Christian what the Bible has to say about our situation. The answer will be based on the Word rather than opinion.


We discover the Lord’s will through our conscience. The conscience is a gift — a moral filter that ought to be developed through Scripture reading and meditation. If we are trained in this way, we should be able to determine quickly whether or not something is of the Lord.


No matter what method God uses to direct believers, a sense of peace will always accompany our obeying His will. When peace comes, keep following His lead.

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