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In Touch - July 1, 2005

  • 2005 Jul 01

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Friday July 1, 2005

Our Casual View of Sin

Romans 6:1-7


Believers recognize the depravity of sin but many continue to have a careless attitude about it. We hear the argument, “Everyone sins at times, so don’t worry much over it. Confess and God will forgive.”


If we are honest with ourselves about the nature of disobedience, we know the issue is not so simple. God is faithful to forgive, but His gracious provision to cover our wrongdoing is not meant as license to transgress. Commandments are in place to protect us from enslavement, which is the natural result of consistent wrongdoing. Each choice to break God’s rules, even for so-called “little” sins, adds another link to our slavery chain. Eventually, the chain will be long enough to wrap tightly around our hearts, hindering us from enjoying God’s blessings.


Any sin, no matter how insignificant it seems, is rebellion against the Lord. God did not concoct “scales” for our wrongdoing, we did. We assume a lie weighs only a little, while stealing is heavy. Adultery is hefty, but less substantial than murder. Likewise we reason a lie needs only a small portion of forgiveness and grace while murder requires a generous amount of both. God’s perspective differs from this man-made notion. Jesus still had to die on the cross to forgive us for the lie. It takes the same sacrifice to pay the penalty of adultery as it does to pardon stealing.


We are privileged to have a Father who breaks our human chains. However, we are not freed so that we can disobey; rather, God offers us freedom from the domination of sin.


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