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In Touch - July 13, 2011

  • 2011 Jul 13


July 13

When We Cry Out to God

Psalms 57:1-3

Psalms 57:1-3When you face a crisis, what is your first line of defense? The natural response is to attempt to fix the problem in your own strength. God, however, gives us a different way to handle difficulty.

David was no stranger to pressure or sudden appearances of evil. When he wrote Psalm 57, he was facing many hardships—including pursuit by King Saul,who wanted to kill him (1 Sam 24). The shepherd’s response was to cry out to God and take refuge in Him until the calamity had passed.

Let’s learn from David’s example by exploring his words. Today, we will focus on the One to whom the psalmist cries.

First, David refers to God as El Elyon, or Supreme Ruler; He is the Most High with all power and wisdom, the only One who can help us in our need.

Second, the Psalm says that God is our refuge. If He is a place of shelter for our soul, then we need not fear. He hovers over us and protects us when crises arise and leave us feeling helpless.

Third, the Psalm expresses complete confidence that the Almighty can and will accomplish all things. He will do whatever is necessary to intervene on our behalf, to hold accountable those who oppose us, and to surround us with His love and truth.

During His time on earth, Jesus displayed great passion. Therefore, we can approach Him when emotions run high. If your heart is troubled, cry out to the Lord. Know that you come before the throne of Him who is a powerful protector, capable and willing to do all you need.

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