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In Touch - July 19, 2006

  • 2006 Jul 19

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Wednesday July 19, 2006

Working as to the Lord

Ephesians 5:6


When we hear the word service used in a Christian context, it can be somewhat vague. Does “service to God” mean preaching? . . . teaching Sunday School? . . . praying for other believers? Yes, yes, and yes, but ministry is not limited to church-related activities. In fact, whenever divine resources meet human needs through a loving channel, ministry has taken place. “Serving the Lord” can mean a boy helping an elderly lady carry her grocery bags. It can also describe a woman taking a hurting friend out for ice cream. We are even to regard our vocational tasks as work done directly for the Lord (Colossians 3:22-24). Therefore, “Christian service” can likewise refer to a truck driver hauling produce.


All service is rendered to God, no matter who the recipient is. Paul used the example of slaves and masters — employees and bosses would be the modern equivalent — to describe how Christians should labor. Obedience and reverence mark the life of a believing worker. It is possible to do whatever is asked, follow all the rules, and keep smiling, but still lack a crucial element of a servant: sincerity of heart. It’s all too easy to put on a good show to impress the boss but then complain about him later. The greater challenge is to please God by committing to work well when no one is looking or applauding. That’s what it means to serve wholeheartedly for the Lord.


Everything we do that touches other lives either glorifies the Lord or diminishes His name in front of a watching world. What does your commitment to work tell others about Jesus Christ?

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