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In Touch - July 2, 2008

  • 2008 Jul 02

July 2, 2008 – Surviving in Our Present CultureTitus 1 

            Every day we’re influenced by our culture. Society’s prevailing philosophies and attitudes are everywhere— on radio and TV, in books and magazines, and even in conversations at the workplace and corner coffee shop. It’s difficult for believers to avoid the pressure to be and think like everyone else. But the Bible calls us to live in our culture without becoming part of it. 

In his letter to Titus, Paul explained how we’re to accomplish this. Titus 1:9 says those who won’t participate in the sins of the culture must hold “fast the faithful word.” To survive the pull of our present culture, we must cling to God’s Word and apply His principles. The Bible is the revelation of God. He tells us what He thinks, how He acts, and what He expects of us. Reading and obeying the Bible ensures that believers will live righteously, identify error, and avoid sin. 

            The Bible can’t do any of these things if we never open it. Obeying God’s Word is a practical matter. We’re to read Scripture carefully and meditate upon it daily. In other words, we must think about the meaning of passages and apply their lessons to our daily life. To apply scriptural truths, we must not only believe the Word wholeheartedly but also obey it consistently. When we take practical steps to keep Scripture as the anchor of our belief system, we will not be swayed by culture.



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