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In Touch - June 11, 2008

  • 2008 Jun 11

Wednesday, June 11, 2008  -  Knowing God as Our Father - Matthew 6:9-14 

The Lord’s Prayer expresses God’s fatherhood to His human children. In Jesus’ day, calling God “Father” must have seemed like a radical and marvelous concept. The Israelites understood a link between people and a divine being. But Christ’s words implied a personal relationship.

Today, adoption into God’s family is still an exciting offer for anyone seeking His love and acceptance. How amazing the Holy Creator wants a relationship with us! By receiving Jesus Christ as Savior, a person is welcomed into the Lord’s family. This happens even though you can never be as holy or perfect as the heavenly Father.

The bond isn’t based on your own abilities, but on God’s great love. The wording of the Lord’s Prayer guides Christians to develop intimacy in their relationship with God. This prayer develops a connection between father and child.

The relationship Jesus demonstrated directs spiritually, adopted children to share needs, confess sin, and admit weakness. In return, the Father answers prayers. He also makes His presence known during quiet times. God offers comfort and assurance that He is always near.



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